Boletim ARI

BOLETIM DX  –  23/10/2020


8Q     – Depending  on  travel restrictions,  Remo, HB9SHD  will  be  active
         holiday style as 8Q7RM  from  Kandolhu, Maldives (AS-013)  on  2-29
         November. He expects  to operate  SSB, digital modes and some CW.

CE     – Members of the Grupo Magallanes DX from Punta Arenas will be active
         as CB500AM on 1 November  to commemorate the  500th anniversary  of
         the discovery  of the  Strait of Magellan  during  the first global
         circumnavigation voyage.  They will operate SSB  on +/- 3685, 7138,
         14230, 21330 and 28445 kHz. QSL VIA CE8PVT

CN     – Special callsign CN45MS will be active on 1-7 November  from Oujda,
         Morocco to celebrate the  45th anniversary of the so-called  Marche
         Verte (Green March). QSL via RW6HS.

F      – Fabien, F4HIK and  Joel, F4IKA plan to be active as TM39EU from the
         Chausey Islands (EU-039)  on  4-11 November.  They will operate SSB
         and digital modes  on  80-10 metres.  QSL via F4HIK,  Club Log  and

F      – Michel, F8GGZ will be active as  TM50GDG  on  9-22 November to com-
         memorate the 130th anniversary of the birth  and the  50th anniver-
         sary of the death of Charles de Gaulle,  leader of the  Free French
         Forces  in  World War II  and later  President of France.  Look for
         activity on  160-20 metres  SSB and CW.  All QSOs will be confirmed
         automatically via the bureau. [TNX F8REF]

HC     – Members of the Azuay Radio Club (HC5ARC)  will be active as  HD200C
         from 31 October to 3 November  in celebration of the 200th anniver-
         sary of the indipendence  of the city of Cuenca.  Look for activity
         on the HF bands and 6 metres  SSB, CW, FT8/FT4.  QSL via operator’s

I      – Once again special callsign IR3MD will be in use by ARI Rovereto on
         1-30 November. The suffix stands for Maria Dolens, the  mighty bell
         casted after World War I to commemorate the fallen in all wars. QSL
         via IN3MDR; information on the award can be found on

TA     – Special callsign TC35FSF will be active on  9-11 November  to cele-
         brate the 35th anniversary of the Free Software Foundation,  formed
         in 1985 in order to promote open-source software. Look for activity
         on 20 and 15 metres SSB, PSK31 and Olivia 8/250. QSL via TA2OZQ and
         LoTW. See for more information.

V3     – Bob, W0YBS  will be active  as  V31CO  from  Caye Caulker (NA-073),
         Belize from 24 October  to  13 November.  He will operate  CW, FT8,
         RTTY and SSB on 80-10 metres. QSL via W0YBS (direct or bureau),  or
         via LoTW. [TNX The Daily DX]

YB     – DX World reports that a team from the  YB Land DX Club  is expected
         to be active as 7H9H from  Habe Island (OC-275) between  25 October
         and 1 November.


The following stations  have announced  their par-
ticipation in this year’s event (24-25 October):
ZONE   CALL          CATEGORY     COUNTRY              QSL VIA      
02     VE2IDX        SOSB 40m     Canada               VE3ZF        
02     VE2IM         SOAB         Canada               LoTW/VE3DZ  
05     VP9I          SOAB         Bermuda              LoTW/WW3S    
07     V3A           SOAB LP      Belize               M0OXO        
08     KP2B          SOAB LP      Virgin Isls          LoTW/EB7DX  
08     NP4Z          SOAB         Puerto Rico          N4AO        
08     ZF1A          SOAB HP      Cayman Isls          LoTW/K7ZO    
09     P40W          SOAB         Aruba                LoTW/N2MM    
09     PJ4X          SOSB         Bonaire              LoTW        
11     ZP9MCE        SOAB         Paraguay             LoTW/EA5ZD  
12     CB1D          M/2          Chile                XQ1FM        
14     CR2X          SOSB 15m     Azores               OH2BH        
14     EE5T          M/S          Spain                EA5URT      
14     HB9CC         M/?          Switzerland          LoTW/HB9KNY  
14     HB9H          M/?          Switzerland          HB9CXZ      
14     SI9AM         M/?          Sweden               ON3UN        
14     ZB2TT         SOAB LP      Gibraltar            LoTW/M0URX  
15     IF9A          SO           Sicily               IT9ATF      
15     OH0X          SOSB 20m     Aland Isls           LoTW/OH2TA  
15     OH8X          SOSB 20m     Finland              LoTW        
20     J42C          SOAB         Greece               LoTW/SV2HXX  
21     4L0A          SOSB 20m     Georgia              LoTW        
21     4L0G          M/?          Georgia              EA7FTR      
21     4L8A          SOSB 20m     Georgia              LoTW/M0OXO  
21     9K2K          SOAB         Kuwait               LoTW/EC6DX  
21     A42K          SOAB         Oman                 LoTW/EA5GL  
23     BD9XE         SOAB         China                BD9XE        
23     JT1KAI        M/?          Mongolia             LoTW/JT1KAI  
28     9M6NA         SOAB LP      East Malaysia        LoTW        
28     YB2BOB        SOSB 80m     Indonesia            LoTW        
28     YB2DX         SOAB         Indonesia            LoTW/YB2DX  
28     YB2XVT        SOAB LP      Indonesia            LoTW        
31     KH7M          SO           Hawaii               LoTW        
32     ZM1A          SO           New Zealand          LoTW/ZL3CW  
32     ZM4T          M/S          New Zealand          LoTW        
33     3V8SS         SOAB LP      Tunisia              LoTW/LX1NO  
33     CQ3W or CR3W  SOSB 15m     Madeira              LoTW        
33     EA8RM         SOAB         Canary Isls          LoTW/EB7DX  
33     IH9YMC        SOSB         African Italy        LoTW        
37     7Q6M          SO           Malawi               K6ZO        
Do not forget to give a look at the Announced Operations  listing maintained
by Bill, NG3K at –  good contest  to
you all!


Access to the main functions of is provided by the 425DXN App
for Android. It is available on Google Play – free of charge, no ads. Enjoy!

3X: CANCELLATION —> Owing to the ongoing pandemic,  the Guinean embassy no
longer issues tourist visas, and the  Radio Club de Provins (F6KOP)  has had
to cancel its DXpedition to  Kassa Island (AF-051),  which was planned to be
held in January 2021  [425DXN 1519].  Hopefully it  will be rescheduled  for
late 2021 or early 2022. [TNX F1ULQ]

QSL VIA K0BJ —> Juraj Sipos, OM2SA passed away  on  1 October aged 67.  He
was the former QSL manager for the many DXpeditions conducted by  Mike, KM9D
&  Jan, KF4TUG  between  1999 and 2011 (including  3D2MO,  5W0MO,  9M2/KM9D,
9M6/KM9D,  A35MO, A35TO,  CE0Z/KM9D,  E51QMA,  E51TUG,  FK/KF4TUG,  FK/KM9D,
FO/KM9D,  FO0MOT,  FO0MOT/p, FW0MO,  FW0YL, H40MY,  H44MY, H44TO,  KM9D/KH8,
T21MY,  T2YL, T31MY,  T32MO, T88CF,  V63MY,  V63TO,  XR0ZY, YJ0AMY,  YJ0ATU,
ZF2MO, ZK1TUG, ZK2MO, ZK2TO, ZL/KM9D, ZL1CMY).  Those who still need a paper
QSL card can contact Bruce, K0BJ, who can provide “homebrew, IOTA-acceptable
QSLs” [425DXN 1466].

QSL ROUTES …                      

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3B8BAP      N4GNR       DA0DX       DL2DCX      OH6RX       OH6GDX
3B8CW       N4GNR       DL35SDR     DF3MC       OL30DXC     OK2PXJ
3D2TS       M0OXO       DU3TW       EA5GL       OL75WO      OK2WO
3DA0AQ      EA5GL       DU6/PE1NSQ  EA5GL       ON4JOTA     ON4GDV
3V8SF       LX1NO       E77A        9A2AA       OR39CLM     ON6HC
3Z150MPR    SP9KDU      EP4HR       IK2RZQ      OV7X        DL2JRM
4A50CRH     XE2AU       EY8MM       W0VTT       OZ100MILL   OZ1ACB
4D3X        W3HNK       F5KDK/p     F5SDD       P3AA        RW3RN
4F2KWT      EA5GL       FP5CJ       K9OT        P40W        N2MM
4L/G4ENL    N4GNR       FR4PJ       EB7DX       P42WW       P41G
4L1AN       N4GNR       GB2GP       GI4FUM      PA6JAM      PD5CW
4O4T        YU1FW       HC1FQ       EA5GL       PA75DV      PA1DV
4U0WFP      S57DX       HC1KX       EA5GL       PA75HEB     PA3HEB
4X0AAP/#    4X6ZM       HC2TIC      RC5A        PA75HGV     PA3JD
5B4AAB      G8CLY       HC5EG       EA5GL       PA75KM      PA8KM
5H3EE       DL4ME       HC5LM       HC5VF       PA75LO      PA2LO
5P2A        OZ1HX       HC5T        HC5VF       PA75Q       PA0Q
5R8AL       G3SWH       HF3015O     SQ4O        PA75RSM     PA0RSM
5T5PA       PA5X        HF966CHP    SP3TYJ      PA75SIM     PA0SIM
5Z4BU       EA5GL       HK1MW       N2OO        PB75A       PB2A
5Z4PA       M0URX       HL0S        HL2CFY      PB75X       PA1AW
5Z4VJ       M0URX       HS0ZJF      ON4AFU      PD75E       PD3EM
8J1RL       8J1RL  [b]  HZ1TT       A61BK       PD75F       PD3F
8J1RL       JG2MLI [d]  IF9A        IT9ATF      PD75T       PD3AR
8P2K        KU9C        II2MM       IQ2CF       PE75OUW     PE1OUW
8P6ET       KU9C        II4JOTA     IZ4UFB      PI75ALK     PI4ALK
9A0DIG      9A3SM       II4LGH      IQ4FE       PI75HGV     PI4HGV
9G1SD       AB0GC       II9JAM      IT9ZEO      PI75KML     PA3DVA
9G5AF       EA5GL       II9JOTA     IT9LIZ      PJ2C        EC5AHA
9G5AR       N4GNR       J73WA       ND3R        PJ4DX       M0URX
9J2BO       G3TEV       JW8FTA      LA8FTA      PY2ZEA      OH2MM
9J2BS       EA5GL       KH2L        W3HNK       R500LWTK    R2PT
9K2OD       EC6DX       KL7J        N3SL        S79KW       N4GNR
9M2TO       JA0DMV      KP2B        EB7DX       S79VU       N4GNR
9V1YC       W5UE        KP2BH       EB7DX       SB7S        SM7PXS
A41CK       A61BK       KP2M        NZ4DX       SI9YL       SM3LIV
A41KB       ON7LX       KP4HF       EB7DX       SN100JPII   SP3TYJ
A41KJ       N4GNR       LC5C        LA6KOA      SU8J        SU1SK
A41NN       A61BK       LC8P        LA8PDA      SZ2RCK      SV2BXZ
A41RR       A61BK       LN8W        LA6YEA      TI2VVV      EC6DX
A6050Y      EA7FTR      LX/PA3GRM   PA3EYC      TM1LY       F5KAY
A6050Y/2    EA7FTR      LX9S        HB9AOF [d]  TO10CWO     FG8NY
A6050Y/5    A61BK       LX9S        LX9S   [b]  TZ4AM       W0SA
A60AAP      EA7FTR      LZ50GU      LZ1GU       UT4U        UX5UO
A60AAP/1    A61BK       MX0SNB      G3SVK       V31MA       M0OXO
A60AAP/2    EA7FTR      NL7RR/KH9   NL7RR       V31TA       EA5GL
A60AAP/5    A61BK       NL7S        N4GNR       V51SC       EA5ZD
A60AAP/6    A61BK       OA9DVK      IK6BFH      V73NS       W3HNK
A71AM       M0OXO       OD5ET       EB7DX       VE2CSI      M0URX
A71EM       M0OXO       OD5KU       EB7DX       VK8ZJZ      EB7DX
AL8A        N4GNR       OD5PY       KU9C        XE1XR       EA5GL
AP2TN       DJ9ZB       OD5TX       W4JS        XR33M       LZ1JZ
C31BO       EA5ZD       OD5VB       EA5GL       XU7AEY      BD4HF
C37AC       EA3QS       OD5YA       IZ8CLM      XU7AKU      JA1DXA
CM2XN       EB7DX       OD5ZF       IZ8CLM      YJ8RN       NZ4DX
CO2RVA      EA5GL       OD5ZZ       N4GNR       YP0C        YO3CZW
CO2VE       RW6HS       OE25BKC     OE3BKC      YQ6A        YO6BHN
CP4MG       EA5KB       OE25CQB     OE3CQB      YS1RR       DJ9ZB
CP5HK       EC6DX       OE25DMT     OE7DMT      Z66DX       DL2AWG
CP6CL       W3HNK       OE25JML     OE5JML      Z81B        IZ0EGA
CQ3J        CT3MD       OE25XGM     OE5XGM      ZF2MJ       N6MJ
CR3W        DL5AXX      OE25XKJ     OE7MPI      ZL7STU      M0OXO
CS5FAT      CS5ARL      OE25XWI     OE7XWI      ZP5DNB      IK2DUW
CT9ABV      DL5AXX      OE65VIE     DE1QSL      ZP9MCE      EA5ZD
CX2DK       EA5GL       OH0T        OH2GEK      ZS0RR       PA2PGU
D2EB        IZ3ETU      OH0Z        W0MM        ZS6CCY      K3IRV

3W1T      Eddy Visser, I.P.O Box 88, Hanoi 10000, Vietnam
5B60AIF   Norman Banks, 3 Salaminos, CY-8651 Statos-Agios Fotios, Cyprus
5B60AIX   Noz Bryan, P.O. Box 66625, CY-8591 Pegeia, Cyprus
9H6PSG    Ivan Privitera, 20 Aurora, Triq Normandy, Pembroke, PBK 1624, Malta
9H6SGM    M S G, 55 Dar Mons. Edgar Salamone, Triq It-Torri, Mosta, MST 3501, Malta
C31CA     Jordi F Garcia, Avda. de Molinaseca 8 2A, 24401 Ponferrada(Leon), Spain
DL2AWG    Guenter Gassler, Eichertstr. 8, 07589 Muenchenbernsdorf, Germany
EA5GL     Pedro M Ronda Monsell, C/ Maximiliano Thous 16-24, 46009 Valencia, Spain
EA5ZD     Miguel Rabadan, Apartado Postal 31, 30120 El Palmar (Murcia), Spain
EB7DX     David Lianez Fernandez, Apartado Postal 163, 21080 Huelva, Spain
EC5AHA    Toni Canto, C/ la Serrella 21-5, 46012 Valencia, Spain
EG5VCE    Manolo S Perez, Apartado Postal 173, 03660 Novelda (Alicante), Spain
HV0A      Francesco Valsecchi, Via Bitossi 21, 00136 Roma RM, Italy
JA1DXA    Katsu Ono, 15-10 Gamo Kotobuki-cho, Koshigaya-shi, Saitama, 343-0836, Japan
K6ZO      Don Jones, P.O. Box 21500, Washington DC 20009-1500, USA
KH0/KC0W  Thomas M. Callas, P.O. Box 1058, Minnetonka MN 55345, USA
NL7RR     Thomas F. Mayhan, PO Box 2387, Homer AK 99603, USA
V55JOTA   Scouts of Namibia, PO Box 6436, Ausspannplatz, Windhoek, Namibia
ZA/IK2RLM Marco Corridore, Vicolo del Toro 4, 20060 Cassina de’ Pecchi MI, Italy
ZF2LZ     Marty Sullaway, 10 Forsyth St #1218, Boston MA 02115, USA



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