Boletim ARI – 22/01/2021

5V     – Daniel, HB9EHD will be active  again as  5VDE  (correct call)  from
         Kara, Togo on 11-20 February.  In his spare time he will be QRV  on
         QO-100 SSB as well as on  40 and 20 metres  FT8.  QSL via LoTW  and
         eQSL, or direct to home call.

9A     – 9A64AA is the  special callsign that  Tom, 9A2AA is using until the
         the end of the year to mark his 64th year in amateur radio. QSL via
         home call.

CE0Y   – CD0YJA is the recently issued callsign for Camilo Johnson Amorrortu
         to be QRV from Hanga Roa, Easter Island (SA-001) when time permits.
         An airline pilot,  he can also  be found  as either  CD0YJA/3  from
         Santiago or CD0YJA/4 from the city of Machali. QSL via CE3AA.
G      – Special callsign GB75ISWL will be active  “on most bands and modes”
         throughout 2021 to celebrate the  75th anniversary of the  Interna-
         tional  Short Wave League  (  QSL via the
         bureau and eQSL.

HI     – HI1IDT is the  callsign that  HI5KKK, HI8AM, HI8AT and HI8RDD  have
         been using since  21 January  from  Isla Alto Velo.  They expect to
         remain there until 24 January and operate SSB, FM and digital modes
         on the HF  and  VHF bands. The southernmost point of the  Dominican
         Republic,  Alto Velo  is located about  12 kilometres away of  Isla
         Beata (NA-122).

JA_ant – Takumi, JG3PLH is a member of the  62nd Japanese Antarctic Research
         Expedition team and will be stationed at  Syowa base on  East Ongul
         Island (AN-015),  Antarctica until January 2022.  He will be active
         as 8J1RL starting in February. QSL via the bureau.

OA     – Celebrating the 200th anniversary of Peruvian independence, the Ra-
         dio Club Peruano will activate four special callsigns until the end
         of the year: OC200P (January, May and September), OC200E (February,
         June and October),  OC200R (March, July and  November)  and  OC200U
         (April, August and December). QSLs via OA4O.

SM     – SD400SU  is a  special callsign  for  the  Sundsvalls Radioamatorer
         (SK3BG) to celebrate during 2021 the 400th anniversary of  the city
         of Sundsvall.  QSL via  Club Log’s OQRS,  or via SM3NXS  (direct or

ZL     – Celebrating the club’s centenary, the Radio Society of Christchurch
         (ZL3AC) will be active as ZL100RSC  throughout February.  The first
         club  meeting  took place on  15 February 1921.  QSL via operator’s

CQ WW 160-METER CW CONTEST —> Object of the contest is for amateurs around
the world  to  contact  other amateurs in  as  many  USA States  (CONUS plus
District  of  Columbia),  Canadian  provinces,  and  countries  as  possible
utilizing  the  160m band  (see for complete  rules).
This year’s  event will run on  29-31 January,  from 22:00 UTC to 22:00 UTC.
Do not forget to give a look at the  Announced Operations listing maintained
by Bill, NG3K at


3D2AG/P —> The complete FT8 log  and  a partial CW log  (until 28 December
2020 at 11:47 UTC) for the  recent operation from  Rotuma have been uploaded
to Club Log, and the OQRS  has been enabled.  “The remainder of the  CW logs
until 13 January will be uploaded soon”, Tony, 3D2AG reported on 20 January.

4X0RMN: POSTPONED —> Udi, 4X6ZM reports  that  the  4X0RMN operation  from
Makhtesh Ramon  is  not going  to happen  on  30 January-1 February  [425DXN
1549]. The new firm dates will be announced as soon as circumstances permit.

NEW WEBSITE —> Mauro, IW9HMQ (IR9P)  has created a  website devoted to  HF
Contesting and DX activity:

P44AA: CANCELLED —> Mathias, DL4MM has had to cancel his 23 January-3 Feb-
ruary operation from Aruba [425DXN 1550],  as flag carrier KLM has suspended
all of its long-haul flights after the Dutch government announced new travel

SCUBA HAM AWARD —> DX Holiday presents the  “Scuba Ham Award  for  amateur
radio scuba divers” (1-28 February).  Complete information  can be found  on


Roberto Jose “Jojo” C. Vicencio, DU1VHY  passed away  on  21
January. The incumbent Vice Chief Operating Officer of the  Philippine Amat-
eur Radio Association (PARA),  as well as Chairman  of the  National Traffic
System, he had just turned 67.

Victor Rivera, E51CG  (ex KA7HRK, KA7HRK/KH8, 5W1DJ, ZK1CG, ZK1USA,  E51USA)
passed away on 21 January. Born in 1950, he moved from the US to the Pacific
in the  early  Eighties.  “In years past he was a beacon on the bands”,  The
Daily DX recalls, “however in recent years he was inactive”.

John Richard “Rick” Burke, VO1SA (VO2CW and VE1NG) passed away on 20 January
aged 77, after  a short battle with  amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.  An avid
DXer with a personal interest in collecting QSL cards,  last year he retired
from  his position as the  VO Incoming QSL Bureau Manager  after 24 years of
“extraordinary service to amateur radio in Newfoundland and Labrador” (RAC).


QSLs received direct or through managers: 3D2CR, 4O3A,  4S7AB, 5Z4VJ,  7Q6M,
A50BOC,  C6AGU, DS4EOI,  ER4KAA, ET3AA,  F4HJO/P (EU-074),  HS8HEX (AS-053),
JW/LB1QI, JW4O,  KL7SB, NP3IR,  P3X, R7AL/1 (EU-147),  S01WS, TF3ML,  TT8SN,
TX0T (OC-298), VK4DX/p (OC-137), VP8LP, XR8RRC (SA-032), YJ8RN, Z66DX.