Boletim ARI – 15/01/2021

8Q     – Michael, HB9WDF  will be active  holiday style  as  8Q7AO  from the
         Maldives  (AS-013)  from  25 January to 7 February.  This will be a
         QO-100  only activity.  QSL via LoTW,  eQSL,  Club Log  and via the
         bureau to home call. [TNX DX World]
JW     – Erling, LB2PG  will be active again as  JW/LB2PG  from  the weather
         station on  Bear Island (EU-027), Svalbard  until late May.  In his
         spare time he will operate SSB on 80-20 metres.  QSL via home call.
         [TNX DX World]
OX     – Nils, SM3UQK  has  been  based  in  Narsarsuaq,  Greenland (NA-018)
         since 5 January, and will remain there until the 28th. In his spare
         time he is active as OX/SE3A  mainly on 20 metres.  QSL via SM3UQK,
         direct or bureau.
P4     – Mathis, DL4MM will be active as P4/DL4MM  from Aruba (SA-036)  from
         23 January to 3 February. He will operate  CW, FT4, FT8 and SSB  on
         160-6 metres with a focus on the low bands, and will participate in
         the CQ WW 160-Meter CW Contest (29-31 January)  as P44AA.  QSLs via
         LoTW, Club Log’s OQRS, or via DL4MM.
UR     – Special callsigns EM150PLU, EN150PLU, EO150PLU will be active until
         31 December  to commemorate the  150th anniversary  of the birth of
         Lesya Ukrainka (1871-1913), one of Ukrainian literature’s  foremost
         writers. QSL via operator’s instructions. [TNX UT1PG]
W      – The Marconi Cape Cod Radio Club, KM1CC will be active on 18 January
         to commemorate the  118th anniversary  of the  first  transatlantic
         wirleless  coomunication between the  United States and Europe  (18
         January 1903). The message was sent from Marconi’s station in South
         Wellfleet, Massachusetts and  received  at  his station in  Poldhu,
         England.  Look  for activity  on  160-20m CW  and  80-17m SSB;  the
         operating plan  can be found on  QSL
         via LoTW (preferred), or direct to N1NS.


CP1XRM: POSTPONED —> Owing to  travel restrictions,  EA5RM’s activity  has
been postponed until sometime in March (hopefully). Antonio was was expected
to be active from Bolivia as CP1XRM on 9-26 January [425DXN 1545].

HAMVENTION 2021 —> For the second consecutive year,  the Dayton Hamvention
has  been  cancelled  (  “Several  setbacks in  the
recovery from the  COVID-19 pandemic”  have made necessary the  cancellation
for the safety  of the attendees.  Plans are in the  works for another  Ham-
vention QSO Party  on  what would have been  the Hamvention  weekend  (21-23
May). Details are expected in due course.


CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3B8BAP      N4GNR       FP5CJ       K9OT        OE8XDX      OE8HAQ
3V8CB       LX1NO       FS4WBS      IZ1MHY      OG60IPA     OH4MDY
4D3X        W3HNK       GB1OOH      M0GPN       OX/SE3A     SM3UQK
4L1AN       N4GNR       GB6RS       G3RWF       PC19HOPE    PA7HPH
4U1A        UA3DX       GB8KW       G0UKN       PD112MKNN   PD0OYF
4U1GSC      9A2AA       HC7AE/1     EA5GL       PY2KNK      EA5GL
5K6RM       HK6RM       HH2JR       W3HNK       R0AD        RW6HS
5UAIHM      F4IHM       HH2MK       EB7DX       R30ARCK     RW0UM
6W1TA       F5PRU       HI8JSG      RW6HS       RA30KR      RK9ULD
6Y5HM       EA5GL       HI8MU       EA5ZD       RG30KR      RW6HS
7X3WPL      7X3DL       HK1O        EA5KB       RJ30KR      RL9Y
7X5QB       EA5ZD       HP1RIS      HP1ALX      RL30KR      R9YBW
7Z1OO       EC6DX       HS0ZOA      EB7DX       RN30KR      RZ9UF
9A5AET      W2HUV       II0MMI      IW0BTN      RO30KR      RC9W
9G5FI       DL1RTL      II1MMI      IK1YRA      RQ30KR      RM9RZ
9J2MM       N4GNR       II2MMI      I2QIL       RT30KR      R7DA
A42K        EA5GL       II4BLD      IQ4FE       SN65KDU     SP9KDU
A71VV       M0OXO       II7MMI      IZ7AUH      SX6A        SV2GWY
BW2/JP1RIW  BM2JCC      II8MMI      IU8CEU      SX7A        SV2GWY
BY1OK       EA5ZD       II9MMI      IT9GHW      T88SS       EA5GL
C31JM       C31KC       IO0MMI      IM0SDX      TG9ADM      EA5GL
CN8RAH      RW6HS       IO9MMI      IT9MRM      TI2VLM      EA5ZD
CO2AME      RW6HS       IR0MMI      IZ0XZD      TM21JLB     F4DCB
CO7MTL      IK2DUW      IR5MMI      IK5AEQ      TM8AA       F5SLD
CO8HF       W2CCW       IR7MMI      IZ7LOW      TT8FC       EA3GWK
CQ750RSI    CT7AQD      IR8MMI      IU8OJZ      UK8IF       RW6HS
D41CV       IK2NCJ      IR9MMI      IT9YBL      UK8OWW      UK8OM
DB59FIRAC   DL8DWL      J69KZ       W3HNK       V7/KX4QD    KX4QD
DQ11WCA     DF6EX       KL7RST      K7ICE       VK5KI       M0OXO
DS0AHQ      6K2EGQ      LZ1340B     LZ3SM       VP8/SQ1SGB  EB7DX
DU6/PE1NSQ  EA5GL       LZ190FT     LZ2VP       W2HRU       KS2G
EA9KB       EA7FTR      MX1COL      G6XOU       WP3C        M0OXO
EM1200WH    UR5WT       NP2AR       EB7DX       YB1MIG      EA5ZD
EM7U        UR7UT       NP4Z        N4AO        YB8QT       IK2DUW
EO0UD       UR7UT       OA6AMN      EA5ZD       YS1RR       DJ9ZB
EO50FF      UX0FF       OD5ZZ       N4GNR       ZC4GR       EB7DX
FM5FJ       KU9C        OE100BL     OE4JHW      ZY4D        PS8RV

7Q7CT     Augusto Cebola, Praca Alexandre Herculano 1 6 A, 2660-212 Santo
          Antonio Cavaleiros, Portugal
7S60BQ    Ewe Hakansson, Pilspetsvagen 4, SE-291 66 Kristianstad, Sweden
9M2TO     Tex Izumo, 827 Nakanojo, Ueda-shi, Nagano, 386-0034, Japan
D2FJZ     Paulo Mira, Apartado 603, EC Paivas, 2846-909 Amora, Portugal
K3Y       Jeremy Downard, 511 W. Pottawatamie St., Tecumseh MI 49286, USA
KP4/AB2RF Kan Yokota, 121 Kawanari Shinmachi, Fuji-shi, Shizuoka, 416-0955,
OX3LX     Joergen Roemming, Brandelev Stationsvej 9, 4700 Naestved, Denmark
S520SAFE  Samo Petelinc, Mostec 12, 8257 Mostec, Slovenia
T30TM     Alex Ihasz, 27 Buckley Circuit, Kambah, ACT 2902, Australia
T6AA      Robert Kasca, Govejk 11C, 5281 Spodnja Idrija, Slovenia
TI3/AB3G  David J. Wise, 24000 Alicia Pkwy, #17-295, Mission Viejo CA 92691,
TR8CA     Jean Charron, 19 rue Gabriel Moussa, 33320 Eysines, France
VQ9T      Robert M. Wright, P.O. Box 7, 6215 Valencia, Philippines