Boletim ARI – 07/05/2021


CN     – In celebration of the  18th birthday of  Prince Moulay Hassan,  the
         heir apparent to the Moroccan throne, special callsign CN18MH  (QSL
         via RW6HS) will be active on  5-10 May.  Also, CN amateurs  can use
         the prefix CN18 (e.g. CN18ZG for CN8ZG and CN18MM for CN8MM) during
         the same time frame.

CN     – 5C1AR is a  special callsign for  the  International Day of Argania
         (10 May:  QSL  via

CN     – Celebrating the  65th anniversary  of the  creation of  the  Forces
         Armees Royales (the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces),  special callsign
         CN65FAR will be active on 10-16 May. QSL via RW6HS.

EA     – 17 May marks the anniversary of the signing of the  first  Interna-
         tional Telegraph Convention and  the creation of the  International
         Telecommunication Union.  Celebrating that event,  special callsign
         AN5ITU will be active on  8-23 May on all bands and modes.  QSL via
         eQSL, LoTW, or direct to EB5R.

ES     – Sergei, ES1LL will be active as ES1LL/8 from  Kihnu Island (EU-178)
         on 29-30 May.  He will be joining  Ed, ES2TT/8  [425DXN 1565],  and
         will operate SSB and possibly digital modes. [TNX]

F      – TM100CLG is the special callsign for the Radio Club de l’agglomera-
         tion Dunkerquoise (F8KGS) to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the
         town of Cappelle-la-Grande on 15-29 May. QSL via F8KGS.

GI     – The North West Group ARC  (MN0NWG)  will run  special event station
         GB0AEL on 15-23 May  to commemorate  Amelia Earhart’s transatlantic
         crossing in 1932. QSL via eQSL.  On 20-21 May 1932,  Earhart became
         the first woman – and the only person  since Charles Lindbergh – to
         fly nonstop  and  alone across the Atlantic,  leaving Harbor Grace,
         Newfoundland, Canada, and landing 15 hours later near  Londonderry,
         Northern Ireland.

JA     – Promoting and celebrating the  Tokyo Olympic  and Paralympic Games,
         special stations  8N1OLP, 8N2OLP, 8N3OLP,  8N4OLP, 8N5OLP,  8N6OLP,
         8N7OLP, 8N8OLP, 8N9OLP and 8N0OLP will be active between 1 May  and
         5 September from various locations across the country  (see
         for each station’s details).  Also active,  but especially  looking
         for QSOs with  JA stations,  will be ten stations  8J#OLYMPIC.  The
         logs will be uploaded to  Club Log,  and all QSOs will be confirmed
         automatically via the bureau. Direct cards should be sent to JARL’s
         HQ (Japan Amateur Radio League, Otsuka HT biru 6-kai, 3-43-1 Minami
         Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 170-8073, Japan).  Information about the
         Tokyo  2020 JARL  Commemorative Award  and  Commemorative QSO Party
         can be found respectively at and

PA     – Special callsign PD21EUROSONG will be active on  8-22 May  to cele-
         brate the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest to be held in
         Rotterdam. All QSOs will be confirmed automatically via the bureau,
         as well as via LoTW and eQSL.

TA     – Special event station TC568FA commemorates the anniversary of a key
         event of the Late Middle Ages: the  Fall of Constantinople  (29 May
         1453), also known as the Conquest of Istanbul. Look for activity on
         all bands and modes between  30 April  and  28 June.  A certificate
         will be available:

VK     – Members of the Bendigo Amateur Radio and Electronics Club  will run
         special event station VI3MILLS from  Anderson’s Mill (VIC)  on  8-9
         May. Look for activity on or around 3655 kHz and 7115 kHz.  An eQSL
         can be requested by email (VK3CMZ[@]

VK9X   – VK6SJ’s trip to  Christmas Island (OC-002)  [425DXN 1565]  has been
         postponed and is now scheduled for 25 May to 15 June. Steve will be
         active as VK9XX,  “mostly outside working hours  and focused on the
         night time bands and mainly FT8″. QSL via EB7DX.


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425 DX NEWS MAGAZINE —> The April 2021 issue is now available for download

INDONESIAN ISLANDS HUNTING  MARATHON —>  The  Indonesian  Islands  Hunting
Marathon is designed to promote IOTA activity over a  4-month period, start-
ing at 00.00 UTC on  1 June and ending at 23.59 UTC on  30 September.  World
stations work as many different Indonesian IOTA Groups as possible;  YB sta-
tions work world stations in as many different IOTA Groups and DXCC Entities
as possible. Any band and any mode (CW, SSB and digital).  Complete informa-
tion: https://mdxc—

JW0W —> The  21-26 July  IOTA DXpedition  to  Prins Karls Forland (EU-063)
[425DXN 1564] has set up a  public group on Facebook  to provide information
and updates:

LIGHTNING PROTECTION —> “Lightning Protection  for Amateur Radio Stations”
was recently presented by Lloyd Berg, N9LB. Lloyd has 50 years of experience
as a broadcast engineer,  building and maintaining  AM, FM and TV  broadcast
stations.  Learn from a professional how  to make your station  as lightning
resistant as possible.  The video of the programme is now available  via the
Madison DX Club’s website:

QSL GALLERY —> The large collection of QSL cards  on  Les  Nouvelles  DX’s
website has been updated.  Sixteen different galleries include  19,012 cards
for the  ten Most  Wanted  DXCC  Entities  (2011-20), the  62  deleted  DXCC
Entities, obsolete prefixes,  stations  from  Maghreb  from  1945  to  1962,
Allied Forces stations in Germany (1945-80), special stations  commemorating
ITU and IARU, stations using the United Nations prefix (4U), Antarctic bases
and TAAF (Terres  Australes and Antarctiques Francaises), the various French
DXCC island Entities in the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the Americas
(from 1945 to 1969), pre-1945  countries, French Departments and CONUS, plus
a gallery for cards not accepted  by DXCC. Your participation is encouraged:
. [TNX F6AJA].

VHSC —> Celebrating  the  60th anniversary  of  the  Very High Speed Club,
special callsigns  OE60VHSC (7 May-7 June), OZ60VHSC, PA60VHSC, PH60VHSC and
Z360VHSC will be active in May. QSL via operator’s instructions.  Founded on
1 May 1961, the VHSC is  for QRQ operators who have “the capability of solid
copy and excellent keying at a speed of 40 wpm, during at least 30 minutes”:

VK6SJ/4 —> Steve, VK6SJ  was able  to go to the  Torres Strait  IOTA group
(OC-138) after all [425DXN 1565], and was QRV as VK6SJ/4 from the islands of
Poruma (Coconut) and Thursday  between 3 and 7 May.  His trip  was shortened
and his operating time was very limited. QSL via EB7DX.

VP8 CALLSIGNS —> The Falkland Islands Communications Regulator  is provid-
ing a  final opportunity for  non-resident  lifetime licence owners  to have
their VP8 callsigns revalidated by 31 August 2021. See the “Notice of Direc-
tion” (27 April):



CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3B8BAP      N4GNR       EO0UD       UR7UT       KP2AD       OK1TN
3Z1921PS    SP6YG       EO30UA      US8UA       LZ1072BG    LZ1KCP
4K1AZI      DC9RI       EV76F       EW3W        LZ1BOTEV    LZ1KAK
4L1R        W3HNK       EV76FM      EW6C        LZ76ZZ      LZ1ZF
4L6DL       LZ1OT       EV76GA      EW1D        M0RSE       G3SWH
4O7CC       UA4CC       EV76K       EW8BQ       NL7S        N4GNR
4U1UN       HB9BOU      EV76M       EW1I        NP4A        W3HNK
4X0GDL      4X6ZM       EV76PP      EW4R        OA4DTU      EA5GL
5Z4BU       EA5GL       EX2V        RW6HS       OC200P      OA4O
7S2A        SA2SAA      FK8CE       N4GNR       OE100BL/4   OE4JHW
7X2TT       EA5GL       GB0MGY      G6UT        OE21M       OE1WHC
7X3WPL      7X3DL       GB0NCI      G4XEX       OE50AGCW    OE1SGU
7Z1OO       EC6DX       GB4GCT      M0OXO       OE5TXF      G3TXF
9A0DIG      9A3SM       GB4MHS      G4FON       OG4A        OH2BAI
9G1SD       AB0GC       GB50AGC     M0LXT       OG4W        OH4AB
9G5AF       EA5GL       GB75ISWL    G6XOU       OR40NOL     ON6NL
9G5AR       N4GNR       HB9G        HB9AOF      OS4GI       ON4GI
9J2BS       EA5GL       HC3RJ       EC5R        OS4PS       ON4PS
A60ZHD/5    A61BK       HF0S        SP6IEQ      OY5ET       EB7DX
A65DR       N4GNR       HF100LEM    SP9PKZ      PA50AGCW    PA3HEN
A71VV       M0OXO       HF1921PS    SP9KJU      PA60VHSC    PA5V
A75GT       N4GNR       HG0WFF      HA0HW       PH60VHSC    PA0INA
A92GW       EA5GL       HG83BTND    HA5GY       PJ4EL       M0URX
AM500MMM    EA7URF      HL1IWD/4    EA5GL       PJ4KY       M0URX
AN5OKW      EA5WO       HV9SMG      IK0CNA      PY2ZEA      OH2MM
AP2HA       JA1WIO      IB1C        IK1XPK      PY7ZBK      HB9BEI
AP2MKB      EB7DX       IB2AS       IQ2VJ       R75TKS      RO7T
AP2MKS      EA5GL       IB3CAI      IU3EDK      RK75AK      UA2FAK
AX5PAS      M0OXO       II0QSE      IS0AGY      SN0MORSE    SP2FVN
B0CRA       BA1GG       II2VIG      IQ2VJ       SN1921PS    SP9KDU
B1CRA       BA1GG       II3VE       IQ3VE       SN50AGCW    SP1EG
B2CRA       BA1GG       II4REG      IQ4FE       SN70KAB     SP5KAB
B3CRA       BA1GG       II9O        IT9ODQ      SO100PS     SP6PAZ
B4CRA       BA1GG       IO2LXV      IQ2VJ       SO1921PS    SP9KJM
B5CRA       BA1GG       IO3X        IV3JCC      SP0NOBEL    SP3POB
B6CRA       BA1GG       IO6A        IZ6BRJ      SP1921PS    SP9PNB
B7CRA       BA1GG       IQ3DQ       IK3HHV      SP45OTC     SP3EA
B8CRA       BA1GG       IR1G        IZ1LBG      SQ0MORSE    SP1EG
B9CRA       BA1GG       IR1N        IU1LCU      SQ1921PS    SP9PKM
CB2E        CA2CFK      IR1Q        IU1JCZ      SV0XAF      HB9EBC
CN18MH      RW6HS       IR2Q        IK2PFL      TI2VVV      EC6DX
CO6XE       EA7FTR      IR4B        IK4AUY      TM200N      F6CQU
CO7HNS      RW6HS       IR8M        IZ8CCW      TM200NB     F8GGZ
CO7OJ       IK2DUW      IR9R        IT9DSZ      TM25TL      F5KMY
CW1GM       CX2ABC      IY0CG       IK0NOJ      TM2CNB      F5KOB
CX4DI       EA5GL       IY0TC       IQ0CV       TM400JF     F4DTO
CX6DZ       EA5GL       IY1MR       IQ1BK       TM5OIS      F5KRH
D44PM       IZ4DPV      IY1SM       IQ1BK       TT8FC       EA3GWK
D73M        HL4CCM      IY1SP       I1ANP       V44RR       EA5ZD
DA0IMD      DL1BFE      IY5PIS      IW5AOT      V85A        EB7DX
DF0GDX      DL6DH       IZ2MIL      IW2ODY      VE2CSI      M0URX
DL25GDXF    DL6DH       JD1BMH      JD1BMH [b]  VK6SJ/4     EB7DX
DU1IST      JA1HGY      JD1BMH      JG7PSJ [d]  VP2EE       VE2AED
EG2SPA      EA2RCF      JY4CI       K2AX        YL44WFF     YL2SW
EG7CDM      EA7RCM      K3IMD       WK3N        YL50AGCW    YL3JD
EI6YXQ      EI9FVB      K3SAV       K3LU        YV6IA       EA5GL
EM5U        UT2UB       KL2R        EA5GL       YW200BC     YV4KW
EM7U        UR7UT       KL7J        N3SL        ZB2TT       M0URX

                    >>> MEMORIAL POBEDA 76 <<<                    

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
RP76A       RZ1OA       RP76KF      RW4NW       RP76RA      UA3VLO
RP76AA      RA3R        RP76KH      RZ1A        RP76RD      RQ6M
RP76AB      RA0SMS      RP76KM      RV9V        RP76RGA     RK9CR
RP76ACH     UA3P        RP76KN      UA3NFI      RP76RK      R1NU
RP76AF      UA6AGE      RP76KO      RA3VE       RP76ROP     RT1L
RP76AO      RZ5D        RP76KP      UA3LLS      RP76RP      RA3P
RP76AP      UA4LL       RP76KPA     RW3O        RP76RT      RA4R
RP76AS      RC1C        RP76KR      RX7K        RP76S       R3LC
RP76AU      UA1ORK      RP76KT      RV1AQ       RP76SB      RZ4AWB
RP76AZ      RC9A        RP76KUF     R8UT        RP76SE      RQ7R
RP76B       UA3ZV       RP76KZ      RK3SWB      RP76SF      R9JBN
RP76BA      RK3DYB      RP76L       R1AX        RP76SG      R4BZ
RP76BL      R1MJ        RP76LG      RU3KO       RP76SK      RN3RQ
RP76BQ      RC3M        RP76LKF     R6FGD       RP76SL      RX3Q
RP76BR      RA3Y        RP76LU      UA1C        RP76SO      RW3ZC
RP76BVN     RW3YB       RP76M       RD5C        RP76SP      R3OS
RP76C       R2ATC       RP76MB      RL2B        RP76SR      R1TA
RP76DG      UA0LHS      RP76MF      R7LV        RP76SSF     R1ZBU
RP76DL      RA3VX       RP76MK      UA4AVA      RP76SWO     R2ANX
RP76DND     UA6J        RP76ML      RQ7L        RP76T       R2PT
RP76DP      RN4A        RP76MM      RN3RQ       RP76TA      RA4CEO
RP76DT      RK9CB       RP76MMK     RX9AT       RP76TF      RW4YD
RP76EL      RA3LBA      RP76MNE     R1CBR       RP76TG      UA9APA
RP76FA      RO3F        RP76MP      RT9OM       RP76TH      RA6AAW
RP76FIA     R4FD        RP76MU      R1ZX        RP76TK      RN3RQ
RP76GA      UA4PIE      RP76MVI     RA9AEA      RP76TO      RA3RLJ
RP76GB      RV9CQ       RP76MY      R3XM        RP76TP      R6DM
RP76GC      RA2FU       RP76NAP     RN3RQ       RP76TW      R3WW
RP76GD      RA6ADQ      RP76NF      R5DI        RP76U       RG8A
RP76GE      R3GM        RP76NP      R5EO        RP76UAI     RN3RQ
RP76GF      RA3TYL      RP76NQ      UA1F        RP76UF      RV9WB
RP76GG      RZ6D        RP76NV      UA1TGQ      RP76UR      UA9CKP
RP76GI      R9WBJ       RP76OG      RN1NHB      RP76V       UA0LBF
RP76GL      RA4PKK      RP76OIA     RA9CUU      RP76VF      RK3VWA
RP76GRO     RJ3T        RP76ON      RZ3LC       RP76VN      R4IT
RP76GS      RK9JYY      RP76OSR     R0BI        RP76WA      RV3YR
RP76GT      RC1TB       RP76OT      R4RT        RP76WAO     R8WB
RP76GV      RW3X        RP76P       RK9LWA      RP76WD      RN3DHL
RP76GY      R7PL        RP76PAW     RN3RQ       RP76WF      UA6VY
RP76H       R0CM        RP76PB      R4PB        RP76WK      RA4FUT
RP76I       RW4HB       RP76PD      RA1WU       RP76WU      RZ9WU
RP76IGS     UA2FAK      RP76PF      R6LFI       RP76WZ      RN3FY
RP76IL      R5EJ        RP76PG      R1AU        RP76X       R1II
RP76IS      RW3QM       RP76PL      R1YY        RP76ZK      RN3RQ
RP76IW      R2UZ        RP76PP      R2ZAC       RP76ZKS     RU3T
RP76IZ      UB4W        RP76PR      UA3YLM      RP76ZM      RP76ZM
RP76J       RA9J        RP76PS      R3LT        RP76ZO      UA3Z
RP76K       R5WW        RP76PT      R1NU        RP76ZS      RW4HB
RP76KB      UF2F        RP76PW      R7DP        RP76ZZ      UA1ZZ
RP76KC      RN3RQ       RP76QP      UA3OO                        
RP76KD      UA4AJD      RP76R       RU1QD                        

EI1IMD   Gerard Scannell, 3 Kingston Close, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork,
         P67 HR44, Ireland
EI2IMD   Alan Buckley, Mohurry, Kiltealy, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford,
         Y21 Y928, Ireland
GB2OWM   Ed Holt, Ashwell, St. Ola, Kirkwall, KW15 1SX, United Kingdom
HB2C     Amateurfunk-Club Falkenstein, Postfach 158, 4710 Balsthal,
HB2U     Marco Hardmeier, Via Ponte Tresa 15, 6924 Sorengo, Switzerland
IY0M     Tony Privitera, Via Enrico Fermi 2, 00058 Santa Marinella RM,
IY7GMB   Vincenzo Mangione, Via Eduardo De Filippo 18, 70010 Valenzano BA,
JD1BHA   Mikio Goto, Haha Jima, Ogasawara Mura, Tokyo, 100-2211, Japan
JD1BQA   Takio Hata, 921-25 Roku Jo, Yasu-shi, Shiga 520-2412, Japan
N4GNR    Dan Cisson, 12 Hancock Drive, Toccoa GA 30577-9388, USA
R1ASP    Vladimir V. Lysenko, PO Box 300, Kronstadt, Sankt-Peterburg,
         197760, Russia
VO1IMD   SONRA, PO Box 8441 STN A, St. John’s NL A1B 3N9, Canada
VO1MRC   Marconi ARC of Newfoundland, PO Box 1033, Torbay NL A1K 1K8,
VP8VPC   Bob McLeod, 75 Davis Street, Stanley, FIQQ 1ZZ, Falkland Islands